It’s official! My daughter passed all of her classes! I cannot thank you enough! See you next fall!

Stephanie H, Dallas, TX

Jordi Miller has been great for my two children. Her knowledge in Geometry and Probability and Statics, has been very in depth. She not only knows how to solve the problems, but knows how to teach my two high schoolers and keep them engaged. She has given them advice and strategies to use to solve problems that are very challenging. She has also found ways to strengthen math skills with things to try at home on their own, using computer apps and programs. Jordi is flexible with her available time and where she can meet to tutor. My children like especially that she is calm and nice.

Anita M, Albany, CA

Jordi is an excellent tutor! She tutored our son for the ISEE test. His score turned out to be excellent, much higher than his early practice tests, thanks to her work with him. Jordi is knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with. I would recommend her to anyone.

Josh G, Berkeley, CA

Jordi is an amazing tutor! She has been working with my son for the past year on his high school math. Prior to Jordi we had another excellent tutor for 3 years who was the retired math chair at our high school – she subsequently moved to Europe and we knew that she would be really hard to replace. We tried a few other tutors before Jordi and none were very good. A friend referred us to Jordi and we are sooo happy that she did – Jordi is truly an awesome tutor! She and my son have clicked and she has boosted his confidence in math. He has struggled with math in the past, and he now regularly asks if he can set up a time to work with Jordi. He has said that the “hour flies by” when they work together – something most high schoolers never say when it comes to academic tutoring! She has been flexible, patient and is always well prepared for each session. I truly believe she takes a personal interest in my son’s success and often helps us strategize on how best to manage his math course work. She will work with teachers and review the math program to ensure that she truly understand the needs of each student. She has been invaluable this past year as he has moved to remote learning, and we look forward to also working with Jordi on Chemistry this coming Fall. Jordi will be an advocate for your student and will ensure that she brings out their best!

Melissa W, Piedmont, CA

Hi Jordi, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the interview prep. It helped so much. I just had another interview today only a couple of hours ago, and it went even better than the one last week. I don’t think I would be feeling so confident if I hadn’t had your help. Thank you.

Samantha L, Mountain View, CA

Jordi earns my highest praise and recommendation as a talented tutor. Jordi’s love for teaching and depth of educational experience make her well suited to successfully tutor the most challenging students. For the past two years, Jordi has helped my dyslexic daughter work hard to navigate her learning difference and excel in a challenging high school academic environment. Jordi’s efforts have boosted my daughter’s confidence, strengthened her study skills, and gently nudged my daughter to work hard.

Joseph E, Houston, TX

I am writing to recommend Jordi Miller. My experience with her is that she has helped me tremendously. We started working together my freshman year for biology, and then she had to leave for a job. At first, I was worried who could help me, and then she mentioned we could FaceTime. When this was brought up, I was skeptical, but we tried it, and it felt the same regardless if I was there with her on person or not. My parents rely on Jordi as much as I do for my science and math, because I’ve always counted on her to help me. Now I have such a good relationship with her as my tutor, I feel like I can alway contact her even if I have just one question. Having Jordi as a tutor has really helped. It’s been really beneficial for me to have her just one call away. No doubt she is the best!

Liana G, Dallas, TX

We LOVE Jordi Miller. She’s been coming for over a year. She does Math, Science, and she helped my daughter study for the ISEE as well. She’s been great for all subjects actually. My daughter went from a D in math to an A+… in the same quarter. She got into Ursuline (about half her friends didn’t)…it really turned her scholastic career around.

Shannon B, Dallas, TX

Jordi was referred to us as a testing tutor for my then 5th grade daughter who was scheduled to take the ISEE exam for her independent middle school applications last year. While our daughter is a fine student, she had struggled with standardized tests in the past and we were concerned that her scores would not be reflective of her academic abilities. Jordi worked with her for a few sessions, provided familiarity with the ISEE structure, provided hints on the various sections, and increased her confidence that she was prepared for the exams. Initially, we assumed our daughter would take the ISEE a second time and would use the initial test as a trial run. Thanks to Jordi’s tutoring, she scored quite well the first (and only) time she took the ISEE and even qualified for honors classes based on some of her scores. We were very pleased with Jordi’s work and highly recommend her services to students in need of a fine tutor.

Ron B, Houston, TX