About Me

I'm Jordi Miller Pollock.

I understand that middle school and high school academics can be overwhelming and challenging, especially math and science. But not to worry, I am here to help you ace those math and science classes and feel confident doing it!

I have 7+ years of experience teaching science at charter, public, and independent K-12 schools. I have experience working with and designing curriculum for students with ADHD and dyslexia. I have a BA from Stanford University in Biology and Art History, and a Masters in Clinical Neuroscience from the University College of London.

My passion is getting to know students deeply as people and helping them achieve their academic goals. Through weekly virtual tutoring on Zoom and check-ins via text, I am there for your student to encourage and explain, teach and reinforce. 

Beyond just getting the right answer, I aim to help students develop better critical thinking skills so they feel confident in themselves and their abilities.

I live in San Francisco with my husband Sam, and our two sons, Charlie and Henry.